Pipe maker - Janis Markuss


Why make things?


STORY OF Blue hill crafts


Hey there, my name is Jānis and i wanted to share my story of realizing that I have become an artisan. When I became overwhelmed by soft touch of wood and the soothing aroma of sawdust I found myself at a standstill. Time did not seem to bother me anymore, I just wanted to see what can I create from this seemingly simple block of wood, see if I can manifest what is going on in my head. Can I do it?

It started with a simple ambition – to create wood ear plugs for my ear lobes out of a piece of pine wood board. When I started crafting it seemed like a long forgotten passion has awakened. Can I do more? Set the goal higher – test my abilities. Somehow I stumbled upon a video of a guy making a pine wood pipe. If he can do it – so can I. My first pipe was made a few days later and it didn’t seem to be satisfying and felt like I could do better. Following by the right materials, right techniques and the right design, it became a way to express myself in an artistic kind of a way.

Living in Latvia full of beautiful and undisturbed forests one seemed to catch my heart – Zilie Kalni (Blue Hills). On days that weren’t freezing cold I would take my tools with me and go wander through the forest, mesmerized by the simplicity of it. I would pack something to eat, go sit on a stump and enjoy the harmony.

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