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Morta blowfish No12

Morta blowfish No12


A tobacco pipe made out of Morta wood

This pipe is made for the consumption of tobacco only. Morta is a type of wood also known as Bog Oak.

Morta is generally your typical oak, but it mush older - usually from 1500 to 4000 years old. It is preserved due to the specific conditions it was under - no air can touch it. It is usually found in peat bogs or on river beds. This wood is very light in weight, in comparison to briar. The wood has it's own distinctive flavour

This shape is a variation of the blowfish shape, it features an oval chamber and an ebonite stem.

No filter.

Length - 124mm (4.88")

Width - 40mm (1.57")

Height - 43mm (1.69")

Chamber dia. - 24 x 20mm (0.94"x0.78")

Chamber depth - 28mm (1.1")

Draft hole through morta - 4mm (0.15")

Weight - 38.5 grams (1.35oz)

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