Pipe maker - Janis Markuss


Briar Bishop Sitter with horn

Briar Bishop Sitter with horn


A tobacco pipe made out of spanish briar.

This bent pipe is a sitter, and tilting sideways, decorated with some great birdseyes on one side and radial grain all over the place. I went for a classical theme with a hint of 21st century.

It features a horn shank extension, a fine hand cut black ebonite stem and a pretty decent sized chamber for those long smokes.

Hand crafted.

Length - 139mm (5.47")

Width - 41mm (1.61")

Height - 64mm (2.52")

Chamber dia. - 20mm (0.78")

Chamber depth - 48mm (1.89")

Draft hole through briar - 4mm (0.15")

Weight - 49 grams (1.72oz)

Filter - none

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