Pipe maker - Janis Markuss


Blasted Olive Wide Shank

Blasted Olive Wide Shank


A hand crafted tobacco smoking pipe made out of olive wood.

Sand blasted cross-grain wood features the rings quite nicely. A wide shank transitions from to bowl up the the button of the stem. NO filter.

The stem is hand cut from black ebonite stock with a delrin tenon. The stummel is sand blasted, then sealed with shelac, the shank is capped with ebonite for extra strength.

Length - 125mm (4.9")

Width - 36mm (1.41")

Height - 46mm (1.81")

Chamber dia. - 18mm (0.7")

Chamber depth - 38mm (1.5")

Weight - 40 grams (1.41oz)

Draft hole through wood - 4mm (0.15")

Filter - NONE

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